Amtek BB1 Original Barker Breaker – All-Purpose Pet Trainer


Dont wish to hear your dogs incessant barking? Tired of scolding your pet for jumping up on the furniture? Do away with any unwanted behaviors with this all-purpose training tool. Pressing the button emits a high-pitched tone to snatch your dogs attention. Follow the tone with a verbal command to teach your dog the proper behavior. When regularly consistently and repeated steadily, the Barker Breaker obtains quick results. The Barker Breaker wont hurt your dog like a shock collar would and has been found to be more effective than ultra-sonic collars and units. And because it fits nicely in your hand, you’ll be able to even train in the backyard, on the park, or anywhere else you may also go. The Barker Breaker is powered by a 9-Volt battery, included.


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