EETOYS Plush Squeaky Dog Toys with Durable Chew Rubber Ball Body for Small Dogs Puppy Teething


Why need a dog toy?
Canine naturally like playing and chewing,their behavior problems will be increased if they do not have the proper way to follow their instincts,obviously the dog toys are the best items to satisfy them.
Why choose this squeaky ball ?
This toy is made of prime quality TPR(Thermo-Plastic-Rubber material),which do no harm to dog’s oral when dogs chew on it.The fragrant scent and vivid color redirect potentially destructive chewing behaviors into positive playtime,which means that they are going to away from your shoes and furniture and you’ll have a very happy dog!But even so,the spiky help to remove the plaque and tartar,reduce the breeding of bacteria,keep teeth clean and freshen the breath.
It is also a great interactive toy,features a internal loud squeaker,perfect size and suitable hardness for squeeze to creat a loud sound.The unique spiky texture design make it bounce irregularly,it’s going to attract your dog as well as improve their reaction right through their daily exercise.What’s more,it’s floatable and highly visible,if your dog love swimming,it do inspire its hunting instinct to insanely chase this ball.
High-quality corduroy, concave-convex design, best for cleaning the teeth.
An environmental rubber ball, non-toxic and soft (has IOS9001 quality system certification).
1,Cleaning it frequently.
2,Keep it away from fire.


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