GoPet Treadwheel ToySmall (<25lbs)


The GoPettrade; Treadwheel is the easiest way to provide your pup with a very good source of exercise. This electricityfree device allows your dog to get the exercise he needs in the convenience of your home. The wheel features an optional brake that allows for the adjustment of resistance to the wheel to create different running speeds for your pet. The GoPet Treadwheel features a cushioned and durable matted surface that protects your pup’s paw pads even as the usage of the wheel. This wheel is made in the us and is to be had in two sizes to give you the perfect wheel for all dogs weighing up to 150 pounds. Provide your pet with the ideal indoor exercise solution and order the GoPet Treadwheel today Key Features: Cushioned, durable matted surface protects dog’s paw pads Optional brake provides resistance to keep dogs running at their own pace Dog powered no electricity needed Provides physical outlet for vigorous dogs and source of exercise for overweight dogs Made in the us Oversize Item: Free Shipping isn’t to be had. Because of the large size of this item and our low sale price, there is an additional shipping charge.


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