PetSafe Rechargeable Professional In-Ground Static Correction Dog Fence Pro-Grade DIY Kit



The eXtreme Dog Fence® PRO-Grade PetSafe Rechargeable Dog Fence (PIG00-14673) Kit is for dogs between 10 and 150 lbs.

The included collar is rechargeable and will fully charge within a 2 hour window.
This PRO-Grade package is an upgrade to the usual PetSafe Rechargeable Dog fence you would find with ANY other retailer. Don’t be fooled by the sub-par wannabes. We now have upgraded the various components included in the package, so as to add reliability and longevity to the life of your fence. The upgrades include:
• 14 gauge wire which is about 7x as thick as the 20 gauge wire that may be packaged in the usual system.
• Separate spool of 16 gauge pre-twisted wire (so you do not have to create your own from your boundary wire)
• Dog fence surge protector, which provides protection for your fence, in addition to protection for your home’s internal electrical system (from any lightning strikes on your fence wire)
• Includes 10 landscape staples, which can be utilized in any area you’d like to run your boundary wire above ground. In the end, this wire is designed to last 20 years or more out in the elements.

This system is capable of covering up to 25 acres (with enough wire), and can accommodate an unlimited amount of dogs (with additional compatible collars. See bullet point above for an entire list.)


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