Portable Wireless 2 Dog Fence, NO WIRES TO BURY-800FT Containment System, The 3nd Generation.



The wireless dog fence system can create an intangible fence that may be electronically controlled to keep your pets in a secure zone.

Working Principle:
Whilst the collar receives signal sent out from transmitter, It’s going to no beep and shock. If collar can’t receive the signal, It’s going to beep first and shock to warn dog back to a secure zone.

Working Process:
1. Receiver beeps to start with when the pet is near the boundary. Warning tone stops when the pet comes back to the secure region.
2.If the pet is repeatedly close to the boundary the receiver will release static shock after three warning beeps, and increase the shock level second by second until it reaches shock level 4.
3.When pet crosses the boundary and keep moving, the receiver will repeatedly shock 3 minutes then break 1 minute,It’s going to not stop this loop until the pet comes back to the secure region.
4.The receiver goes dormant if the receiver goes one minute without movement, It’s going to continue working when it senses movement again.

This product relies on wireless signal, many factors may impact the keep an eye on range, such as air humidity, walls, wireless signal and so forth.

Tips: How to keep away from the radio interference
Such as: Set 280ft for 300ft yard, the system will work from 260ft to 300ft to keep your pet in secure zone.

How to add more receivers:
1. Press the transmitter power button shortly. It’s going to display “1dp” and flashes.
2. Turn on the receiver and press the power button shortly.
3. Whilst receiver issues a single sound of “Bi” and blue LED flashes once, transmitter sync with receiver successfully.
Package includes 2 Collars.

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