Rubber Top Dog Walk, 12’ x 3 or 8′ x 3 Permanent Aluminum Alloy Planks


12′ and 8′ dog walks are professionally designed and well made with all AKC dog agility equipment standards. They’ve rubber costs on all surfaces of all planks. All planks are constructed from aluminum alloy boards with steel frames. They not only provide owners with almost permanent structures for long lasting uses, also give owners worry free indoor-outside setup convienence. They’re foldable and portable that featured cupboard space saving advantages. Professionally, 12′ long dog walk is a legal competition equipment, can be utilized for official agility trials and competitions. Either one of them can be utilized as dog training equipment, and for plenty of other businesses such as dog daycares, dog parks, public park setups. It holds as much as 250 lbs. Last much longer than everage dog walks available in the market.


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