Steve’s Enhance Freeze Dried Goats Milk (CarnaForage, 8oz)


Steve’s Real Food Enchance CarnaForage provides dogs with a nutrient wealthy addition to their day by day diet. It’s made with real Freeze-Dried Goat Milk, which is infused with greens including Spinach, Kale, Spirulina, and Dandelion. This combination milk thistle and dandelion can assist Give protection to the liver. The greens in the formula provide high levels of L-glutamine, a conditionally essential amino acid which is needed for good digestive health. It’s formulated to provide a method of enhancing your dogs diet by adding it to kibble or fed as a snack. Product Benefits: Raw Goat Milk Yogurt Great for Digestive Health Easy to Feed Made from Free-Range, Grass-Fed Goats Helps Give protection to the Liver from Toxins Hormone & Antibiotic Free Instructions: For a 12 ounce serving, scoop 1/2 cup of CannaGurt into your reusable milk bottle or any sealable container. Add 10 ounces of water and shake to rehydrate. Shake before each and every feeding. For on a regular basis feeding, pour one half ounce for each and every 10 pounds of body weight over your pet’s meal or in a separate bowl. Increased feeding is also really helpful for pets with certain health issues.


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