VetResources Liver Support Tablets (60 count)

Vet Classics Liver Support Tablets (60 count)
Vet Classics
Kidney, Liver & Renal Health


Boost Liver and Overall Health with VetResources Liver Reinforce Tablets

Help your cat or dog take care of healthy and normal liver function with VetResources Liver Reinforce Tablets. These tablets boost cell growth, bile production, and other liver functions whilst also bettering the overall health of your pet.

Liver disease is a common pet problem with quite a lot of effects

Liver disease is ceaselessly a problem for cats and dogs, especially as they get older. Liver ailments can have a wide variety of other detrimental health effects; they are able to also cause your pet to seem lethargic or even depressed. The VetResources Liver Reinforce Tablets use a time-release formula that includes Vitamin B, milk thistle, dandelion root, and glutathione to keep the liver healthy and fully functioning.

Milk thistle promotes cell regeneration and also has anti-inflammatory effects
Dandelion root stimulates circulation in the liver and the production of bile
Vitamins B-12, B-6, B-5, and B-2 offer additional health benefits – they promote growth, beef up heart and skin health, and prevent anemia and hair loss
Vet Classics Liver Reinforce Tablets (60 count)
Vet Classics
Kidney, Liver & Renal Health


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